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Japan Business Communication Associaton (JBCA)


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Our History and Background

Brief intorduction of Japan Business Communciation Association

The Japan Business Communication Association (JBCA) was established on July 20, 1934 at Rokko hotel in Kobe, Hyogo prefecture. Among the members who joined the first conference were Takuji Ishii (the originator), Jiro Kanai, Takehachiro Mitsui, Tameji Okonogi, Tsuneta Takehara, Hidetoshi Tomabechi, Masasuke Torao, Munenao Yamazaki, along with 16 other members. They were instructors that taught commercial English at old-education-system universities and professional schools across Japan.

Originally, this association was called The Association of Commercial English Instructors. In those days, Japan's international trade had expanded significantly and Japanese products were flooding the world market. Due to this trend, the demand for methods that facilitate effective business communication with foreign companies increased, and organizations that research and train pertinent skills such as negotiation and business English gained huge public interests.

In 1935, the association’s name changed to Academic Meeting of Business English, aiming to expand the scope of research. However, due to the second World War and its aftermath, the association’s activities were suspended from 1942 to 1949. In 1950, the association changed its name to Japan Business English Association (JBEA) and resumed its activities. In 1959 JBEA joined the Japanese Economic Association Union.

In 2002, the association changed its name to Japan Business Communication Association (JBCA), and changed the purpose of the academic society from researching commercial English and related areas, to researching communications in international transactions and management. Currently, JBCA is aiming to strengthen relationships with organizations and associations overseas to facilitate joint international research. The association signed the MOU with the Korean Association for Business Communication (KABC) in 2014, and the Association for Business Communication (ABC) in 2015.